The vast smoke and water, who makes me warm

Stepping on the shallow shadow of early spring, I lingered on the deserted river bank, silently picked up the memory of the past scattered on the beach, embraced the happy flowing light that year, and sang solo near the river …… today, I stand there, there is still the melody you hummed before, but it’s […]

Silently walked 2011

I went through 2011 silently. Looking back at the trace behind my feet, I sometimes admire myself a little. Although I didn’t get anything, a healthy and upward heart still supported my steps gradually moving away, being with myself and love, get guidance from the wisdom of wise men, constantly adjust the old and vigorous […]

Moon in unknown

On the afternoon of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Lingjun called me and said that brother Mei Shi had an appointment with his friends in the city tonight to enjoy the moon in Yunmeng Pavilion in Nanhu Lake. How could such a good opportunity be spared? After dinner, I went there happily. Having lived in Yueyang for […]


I formed the habit of not being picky about diet, and paid more attention to the improvement and enjoyment of self-cultivation in spiritual life. As long as I can satisfy my hunger, have a sense of appetite, get along with nutrition, and have no excessive extravagance, this is the low requirement of my secular life. […]

The bitterness of Leaving Home (Part One)

In the spring of 1999, after one and a half years in junior high school, I left quietly and left the junior middle school of M school that I dreamed. Ah! Ah! I said goodbye to the old middle school that I deeply remembered, away from its footprints, and went back to the top of […]