Pen shore, the scenery is still so good

I once asked a classmate who likes writing, what do you think are the common points of writing, painting, singing and other things that can make a person crazy? He gave a very vague answer: I am very disappointed, and I have been looking for this answer! Once I was lucky to listen to the […]

A period of time, give me time

This season was not too close to me. When I was alone, what I wanted to say occasionally had the smell of Alienation. It came inexplicably and went away quietly, which was not as good as the aftertaste. — Wen: Looking at the sun outside, I know that I am a little greedy in love. […]

Dies of memory

One summer in 1985, my mother went to my grandma’s house. We hadn’t seen her for a long time, and we missed her very much. My brother and I went to the place of turtle ao, and chose to go to the player’s house on a big stone beside he Yaowei’s house. I felt bored […]

Lakes life

When I read martial arts novels in my childhood, I admire all kinds of heroes! Those stories of happiness, kindness and hatred are vivid in my mind. I often dream in my sleep that I have learned a good martial arts, a sword at my waist, a jade flute in my hand, a white dress, […]