Remember: the mood of Spring (prose) [folk art · solicitation]]

I really didn’t go out for a walk for several days. I hid in my house to watch TV and read those books, and my mind was full of fragments of TV and music, there were lines full of poetic sentences and hieroglyphs in my eyes. I gradually felt a little uneasy and annoyed, so […]

In the candlelight father

When I came to the world, I always thought that my father and mother who brought me here would accompany me through my whole life. However, the reality was not like this. My father was surprised, before I got used to the life train, I got off the train alone. —— Free Flying Flowers message […]


Like many people, when I was young, I also had the dream of literature. An oil lamp and several candles galloped in the ocean of words under the faint light. Although they had experienced several wind and rain, they had no gains; the writing style is immature but I am keen on it. With the […]

To future

Life is a complex balance. When encountering problems, in order to keep balance, we constantly change weights. It’s good to do more and more mistakes, do less and make less mistakes. What I have experienced is exactly the beauty of memory. When you can sit, never stand; When you can lie, never sit; When you […]