Will ever end

The eraser of time wiped away all my happiness. The scenes once faded, and the memory left in my mind was still there. It was just pain to keep it, my body has been hurt by the whips of memories. No, what I want is not the ending like this. Once I am was so […]

Warm sun in winter (4) wish you success

That year, I burned all the awards on the wall, which was the first time I denied myself. From kindergarten to junior high school, the certificates of merit are coaxing people, which have no real meaning, or they have not found its real meaning. In my opinion, they didn’t reflect me at that time, or […]

Balcony on star flower

When my eyes touched it, I was immediately attracted by its graceful dance in the wind. Its casual soft branches were like a young girl’s flourishing waist, reserved without affectation. When the willow branches stretch out and the winter jasmine flowers bloom into the eyes, the Pentas flowers can only be called five-star grass. It […]


Pain, pain, pain! This kind of feeling is not the first time. It is just like acupuncture, and sometimes it is like knife, axe and saw. I know that this is the mark left by life and another form of experiencing life. I don’t know I am should appreciate life or hate life? As long […]