And blue into dark

I am not a person who likes to be busy for a long time, because I can’t stand the noise. Most of my characters are quiet, especially when I am alone. If divided by color, this character should belong to Blue Series. It’s so big, I really like three colors. I liked green when I […]

Memory is just memory, the past is just the past

When his voice was close to him, she was on the other side, through the long line, the distance seemed to be short but far.; That afternoon, the figure outside the window gradually moved away, turning around, he could not see his face, a back figure, a long distance. With the burning smoke body, it […]

The smile of spring is flying in the sunshine

Spring snow finally stopped, and the sunshine spread warm. The wind gently nestled in the embrace of sunshine, letting the warm spring fly in the field. Snowflakes quietly hid their silvery figure in the dark corner, as if they were afraid of the comfort of sunshine. The grass showed a smiling face, and on the […]