Life of liu yue

When time was caught off guard again in another June of life, the strong scorching sunshine seemed to announce that time was leaving at an unpredictable speed. The cut-off point of May and June, freshman has already told us his ending. The elective courses have been completed one after another, and the papers and exams […]

No one belongs to anyone

Li Jun’s name was completely deleted from his mobile phone, and it was impossible to have any connection. Li Jun went to another world. From attending the funeral early in the morning yesterday until now, I was always depressed. I met Li Jun on the wine table. One day about 6 years ago, several wine […]

Gentle season

A blue sky, a handful of white clouds, a bunch of sunshine and a handful of green leaves are all gentle scenes. Early winter is the gentle season. Different from the scene that the North was covered with snow, the early winter season in the South was so gentle. In particular, the sunshine in the […]