Mother’s Gift

Jing and his mother arrived at the dormitory of the school, laid out all the learning and living tools, then closed the dormitory door and went to the bazaar outside school, prepare to start collecting some daily necessities that need to be used for school accommodation. When I came to the bazaar outside school, it […]

Spring whisper

The mood is like removing the clouds. After finishing breakfast and arranging the house alone, he turned on the computer and began to live a quiet life as usual in the ethereal melody. Occasionally, someone asks how to endure such a long and boring loneliness. Nothing to say, a slight smile, right to answer. Everyone’s […]

Be kind to yourself and others

Everyone comes to this world in his own cry, leaves this world in others’ cry, and walks through the journey of life. Compared with the vast universe, history is only a short moment, while compared with you and me, it is a lifetime. Therefore, we should always know how to treat ourselves and others well […]