If the heart is like Lotus, it is like Bodhi

— Inscription a person’s appearance is born by his parents. No one can choose his or her own appearance, but it can be changed through the efforts of the day after tomorrow. Buddha said that Xiang is born from the heart, everything starts from the heart, and you have beautiful things in your heart, and […]

My second middle school, my teacher

Seeing teacher Junlin Yang, his young figure when he just came to No. 2 Middle School to teach us was faintly visible. Although he just started his teaching career at that time, he was already one of the few good teachers recognized by his classmates. He was recognized and accepted by his classmates, not only […]

Cyber love light

In winter, the bride who was waiting for marriage was ashamed to show her face. The rainy weather made my waist feel painful and my hands and feet cold. If you think something in your heart, you don’t have the mind to do things, and your physical discomfort covers all your inspirations, and you have […]