It rains a lot, I feel so sad

Whose eyes can touch whose eyebrows, whose smiles can resist whose tears, whose hearts can hold whose reincarnation, whose palm prints can be redeemed, whose sins still remember Xu Zhimo’s sad and beautiful poetry, it seemed that he gave me so much sorrow in front of the peach blossom branch at that time, and he […]


I. I used to talk about love, but now I give love to my heart. Second, time annihilates everything, and everything breeds in my heart. When the shape is no longer the shape, it becomes eternal. Third, I shouldn’t have said anything to you. You became the person I cared most at that moment. Fourth, […]

Life Whispers

Once, I heard a voice in my dream, which was a voice asking: What is the real Beautiful Life? I couldn’t answer it for a while, so I had to sleep. When I woke up, I was thinking whether a beautiful life is a persistent pursuit of the value of life, or a deliberate pursuit […]