“Poor” and “rich” are different!

I am a poor man with nothing. It is the most common working meal. On festivals and festivals, I imagine that there is a big table of good dishes, which are delicious, with saliva flowing. The delicacies of mountains and seas are placed on the left, and the birds and beasts are placed on the […]

Station an hour

In November 11 my wife and I in Hefei, morning I asked 114 info, Tell said afternoon 2.4 ten there is a special train to Wuhu train, I decided it’s just sit that bus home. We broke up with our daughter at 01:20 P.M. on November 10th and arrived at the ticket hall of Hefei […]

Menopausal syndrome

My menopause performance: I always worry that cigarette butts will not disappear and may resurgence when I go out. I am more worried that I forget to lock the door when I go out. In order to be safe, I must return home again, as a result, everything is normal. This kind of worry once […]