Alone (piano stage art)

In the previous life, I am single-winged angel with blue sky, but could not travel in the sky. Looking at the left wing, he let the time knock down the feathers, and the ground was full of chaos; In this life, I am flowers on the other side like fire, splendid on huangquan Road, leaning […]

Indifferent life

Every day in the lonely night, I was drinking cigarettes and tea, wandering in the vast sea of people rolling in the world of mortals, listening to music and tapping the keyboard with my fingers, writing mood words one after another. Walking through the long river of life step by step, we are marching towards […]

Equinox Flower

I like eating while walking, which is a kind of enjoyment of freedom. I like to live an unruly life, and I will not be a lady or gentle. Gentle point. This is what he often said. But I am more presumptuous, because I want to be myself. I can only be myself. If you […]