Democracy, democracy

Democracy is an ancient and beautiful town located in the west of the small town Langao. There are distant mountains like Dai, clear streams, and of course there are simple and kind Democratic children, they multiply and live in this hot land, and build their homes more prosperous and prosperous. When they came to democracy, […]

And loneliness

Loneliness gives many people a negative and pessimistic feeling. Lonely people have no friends. They are used to being alone. They come and go alone with their own shapes and shadows. They are quiet and don’t like the life of having more people to join in the fun. For me, it becomes more and more […]


The sun is going to set. It seems that after a whole day’s consumption, the light is not dazzling, dragging a slightly tired body and slowly sinking. I am leaning against the balcony, enjoying the residual temperature left by the sunshine, looking at the old “besieged city”, there were several Fawu standing silently beside the […]