Gently, you left

I wrote blog in “literature blog website” for more than four years. Although it continued from time to time, I also enjoyed myself; What’s more, I gained a lot of knowledge when I got acquainted with some similar blog friends and made comments together; moreover, through this platform, it is quite pleasant to know some […]

Give me some space

Everyone has their own living, communication, life, work and other spaces, which are the most fundamental existence of constructing social system. However, between couples, space is also needed. This space is based on the most narrow field of self except the above large space. There is no complicated social relationship, away from the noise, away […]

Cotton Women’s

Anne’s words are clever and profound, and the publicity of youth reveals absolute determination. However, after being a wife and a mother, her words were less sharp and more warm and enviable happiness. After marriage, she also played with the fabric quietly. The Beautiful Life was simple, real and simple. I have always wanted to […]