Answer Miss Ruowen on questions related to literary creation and non-literary issues

Large Zha received. The answers to the questions raised in your mind are as follows:

First of all, it is about the subject matter of literary creation.

When it comes to the subject matter of literary works, if someone asks: When we are engaged in literary creation, we don’t know what kind of subject matter to choose? Then, this problem is difficult. It is very difficult to answer. Let alone the common literature lovers and writers who are hard to say clearly, I am afraid that they are the writers who have considerable achievements in literary creation and literary theorists and literary research experts who have considerable attainments in literature, it is hard to explain clearly. Even the literary masters, literary masters, literary masters, literary leaders, famous writers, university professors, doctoral supervisors, university presidents, researchers and presidents of research institutes have reached the peak in literature, I’m afraid it’s hard to say clearly.

So, why?

In fact, the reason is very simple, that is, there is no unified subject limit for literary creation. Each writer has different family backgrounds, living environments, personal life experiences, talents, knowledge and cultivation, with different personal styles and so on, each person has different perspectives and opinions on the theme of literary creation. Therefore, each person’s understanding and results are different.

For example?

Generally speaking, in Chinese people’s mind, snow means purity. There is a Chinese proverb called Ruixue zhaofengnian. In the eyes of Chinese farmers, snow is the omen of harvest in the coming year. Many people like snow. Snow is not only a natural phenomenon, but also a regional feature. In the world, some places have obvious Four Seasons characteristics in a year, while some places have no obvious Four Seasons characteristics. For example, on Earth total area is 510,000,000 square kilometers (0.51 billion square kilometers). There are seven continents and four oceans on the Earth. Whole Earth on four oceans occupied marine area occupies three liu qian 100 trillion square kilometers (3, 6.1 billion square kilometers), land surface only 0.1 billion si qian jiu bai wan square kilometers (0.149 billion square kilometers). Among them, the land area includes different geological features such as mountains, mountains, plateaus, hills, plains, inland seas, lakes, deserts, neighbors, rivers, rivers, glaciers, etc. Due to the geological differences of different places on the Earth, the intensity of exposure to the Sun varies from place to place on the Earth. Some places are hot all the year round and become tropical areas on the Earth. For example, Africa, Australia, Southeast Asia and Hainan in China, which are located near the equator, all belong to tropical regions. Especially Africa is the hottest place on Earth. However, in the two poles of the Earth, due to the radiation far away from the sun, the extremely cold areas are formed. That is the frigid zone on the Earth. There are also those mountains and plateaus. Due to the high terrain, they are covered by snow and snow all the year round. Not only is the climate cold, And the bad weather forms a unique plateau climate. For example, Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in China is the highest altitude region on Earth, forming the unique climate of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in the world. Due to the vast territory of China, the natural conditions and climate vary greatly from place to place. The climate of China transits from south to north, from tropical to subtropical and temperate zone. Hainan in China is a tropical region. Wuling, located between Chenzhou city of Hunan province and Shaoguan city of Guangdong province, is an extremely important geographical dividing line for China’s climate. Located in Wuling Mountain area north of Shaoguan city, Guangdong province, it has obvious Four Seasons changes in a year, while in Lingnan area south of Shaoguan city, there is no obvious Four Seasons changes in four seasons in a year. I remember that recently, I saw a news report in a famous national newspaper: a girl born in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, lived in the superior living environment of a metropolis since she was young. After graduating from middle school, he studied in a famous national key university in Guangzhou and became a top student of that famous key university. After the college holiday, the biggest wish of other students is to go home for the Spring Festival. The wish of that girl from Guangzhou is to go to Hunan to see a snow. She said: I have known snow in books since I was young, and I have seen snow on TV. However, I have grown to twenty years old, never left Guangzhou, never saw the real snow. My biggest wish in this winter vacation is to go to Hunan to see the real snow. Due to the influence of natural environment, Wuling Mountain, located in the north of Shaoguan, Guangdong province, has obvious Four Seasons changes in a year. Snow is the most independent natural phenomenon and climate feature in winter of a year. However, Shaoguan city in Guangdong province, south of Wuling Mountain area in Hunan province, has become the dividing line between Lingnan and Lingnan. It snows in winter in North Ling, but no snow can be seen in winter in South Ling. It is not winter in the sense. The Earth is divided into different climates such as tropical, subtropical, temperate, sub-temperate and frigid zones. That is a natural phenomenon, which is closely related to the man-made ecological environment. However, although snow, as a symbol of the season, is welcomed by people. Through the Ages, litterateurs, writers and poets have set up many poems and poems about snow, which have become the classic treasure spreading through the ages. However, due to different perspectives of understanding, people have different views on snow. For example, in the works of some novelists, there are different connotations from different angles. It depends on the purpose and intention of novelists. Of course, as a novelist, innovation, unique discovery, unique understanding, unique understanding and self-establishment are the uniqueness of novelists, that is, the innovation of novelists. The same is snow. In the poet’s works, it may be very beautiful and desirable, while in the novelist’s works, it may be frightening and killing Xiao. Snow in winter can bury flowers. Snow a tragic. In love novels, novelists often regard snow as the symbol of love tragedy. Therefore, as a writer, whether it is a novelist or a poet, a essayist or a playwright, innovation is the key. Maybe there are many writers who write a theme and the same content, but each writer has different cognitive angles and feelings. Therefore, every writer’s works have their own different characteristics.

Of course, the starting point of writers is different, and the angle of writing is different. If a writer eulogizes the beautiful love, then in the writer’s works, love is as poetic as a fairy tale, which makes people infatuated. If a writer describes a young man’s career and entrepreneurship, then, in the writer’s works, faith and persistence are the driving force and spiritual strength of a man’s career success. A young man who walks out of the university campus is called a successful person in his career. What he relies on is not only his hard work, but also his confidence and persistent belief that he never gives up.

As a writer, he should not only be a clear-headed thinker, thinker and observer in the society, but also be a farsighted sociologist and strategist with a strategic vision. A writer should not only be willing for farmers, but also be guided by others, so as not to let people lose their direction in the slim. A writer should not only write stories that have happened or are happening, but also write stories that have not happened in real life. Nowadays, there is a literary genre between master and prose, news and documentary literature, which is called non-fiction novel in the literary world. That is the documentary novels or reportage mentioned in the literary world, or it is called News communication or news feature? In particular, people’s literature, a national famous authoritative large literary journal sponsored by China Writers Association, greatly propagandizes and guides non-fiction novels as an important literary genre. In my opinion, compared with fiction novels, non-fiction novels firstly restrict the development of writers’ imagination; Secondly, put a shackle on writers’ thoughts, which limits the free space for writers to employ. As a truly excellent novelist, or exert bold free imagination, then more excellent novelists and novels will be born.

Secondly, it is about the ideological issues of literary creation.

When it comes to the ideological issues of literary creation, we should talk about it from two aspects.

What is the motivation and purpose of a literary creation? That is not only the concern and attention of every litterateur, writer, poet and playwright, but also the concern and attention of literary lovers, literary pursuers and writers. In fact, every writer, poet and playwright engaged in literary creation has his own intention. That is the reason why litterateurs, writers, poets and playwrights are engaged in literary creation.

No matter any writer, poet or playwright, there are only two purposes and motivations to engage in literary creation. One is to engage in pure literary creation, which can give people ideological content and enlightenment, thus giving people education and help, it can provide people with spiritual strength. Therefore, ideological content is very important for the writer’s pure literary creation. Secondly, engaging in popular literature creation can give people Entertainment and happiness. Especially for most entrepreneurs who are busy in the workplace, the daily work festival is very fast, which is both tense and busy. After work, engaging in literary creation, relaxing, or reading some literary works can give people a relaxed and happy feeling, which is certainly a kind of enjoyment. Therefore, there are so many people who work hard in the workplace, all of whom love literature. They like literature creation and regard literature creation as a spice of life and spiritual life. Many literary lovers and writers constitute the colorful picture of life in Chinese literary world. Therefore, many writers, poets and playwrights stood out and became the rising stars in the literary world.

Strictly speaking, there are mainly three types of litterateur, writer, poet and playwright engaged in literary creation

One is mainly engaged in novel creation, which is called novelist or novel writer. Writers engaged in novel creation not only have a large team and a large number, but also have great influence and high reputation. Meanwhile, novelists and novel writers always have their own advantages. According to the different characteristics of novelists and novel writers, they can be divided into different types. From different forms of novelists and novel writers engaging in creation, some novelists are good at creating long novels, keen on creating long novels, and have made great achievements in creating long novels, they are called novelists or novel writers. Some novelists like short and medium stories and have made great contributions in the creation of short and medium stories. They are called novelists or novelists, while some novelists, he attaches great importance to the creation of small novels, and often has excellent works published, which is called a novelist or a writer of small novels. In terms of content and genre, some novelists like love theme, love novel creation, and are recognized as love novelists or love novelists. Some novelists are good at romance novel creation, they are called romantic novelists or romantic novel writers. Some novelists love military themes and are interested in military literature creation. They are called military writers or military Novelists. Some novelists prefer martial arts novels, some novelists are called martial arts novelists, some novelists like fantasy and are called fantasy novelists, some novelists like myths and are called myth novelists or God and Devil novelists, and some novelists like local themes, they are called local novelists, some novelists like urban life, and they are called urban novelists and other different types. In terms of the creation theme of novelists, some people like the creation of modern and contemporary themes, which are called modern and contemporary writers or novelists, while some novelists like the creation of historical themes, which are called historical novelists. In fact, in the history of Chinese literature, many literary masterpieces and literary masterpieces belong to historical themes. For example, Luo Guanzhong, Shi Naian’s romance of the Three Kingdoms and Water Margin, the four literary masterpieces in the Ming and Qing dynasties of China, belong to historical novels. Luo Guanzhong and Shi Naian are writers living in the late Yuan and early Ming dynasties, the romance of the Three Kingdoms written tells the story of the Three Kingdoms in Wei and Jin dynasties, which is more than 1,000 years away from the time when writers lived. Therefore, Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a full-length historical novel in significance. Although journey to the west written by Wu Chengen belongs to myth novels or magical novels, It is based on the story that happened in Tang Dynasty. Of course, there are also real stories about the era Wu Chengen lived in Ming Dynasty. However, it should still be attributed to novels with historical themes. As for Cao Xueqin’s A Dream of Red Mansions, strictly speaking, it is Cao Xueqin’s autobiographical novel, which belongs to the theme of realism. However, Cao Xueqin made a mystery and put the real stories on the stage of history. Although it was not a historical novel, it also had a certain origin with historical novels. Among the famous contemporary writers, many famous novels belong to historical novels. For example, Yao Xueyin’s Li Zicheng is not only a famous historical novel, but also a huge literary masterpiece. February River is also a famous Chinese contemporary writer who specializes in the creation of Emperor theme. The Emperor Kangxi, Emperor Yongzheng and Emperor Qianlong of February River are not only famous long novels specially describing the life of emperors in Chinese literary circles, and it is also a famous literary masterpiece with important influence in Chinese literary world. The Emperor Kangxi, Emperor Yongzheng and Emperor Qianlong of Eryuehe are all novels with historical themes. Zeng Guofan, written by Tang Haoming, a famous scholar and writer, is also an influential long historical novel. Therefore, for a full-length novel, the most important thing is not genre and theme, but the value and significance of the work itself. Both modern and contemporary themes and historical themes are related to one’s own hobbies and interests. Some writers like considerable themes, while some writers like historical themes. In fact, whether a writer is engaged in literary creation chooses modern and contemporary themes or historical themes, opportunities the writer’s hobbies are related to interests, it is also related to one’s own occupation and living environment. Of course, both modern and contemporary themes and historical themes are writers’ freedom of creation. No matter what the theme is, as long as it is well written, it is a good theme. The full-length novels are like that, so are the medium and short stories. No matter what theme we are engaged in, quality is the key.

Nowadays, there are not only the most novelists among writers, but also the most influential novels. Novels are also the most. Among novelists, there are not only working in the official party and government organs, functional competent departments, cultural institutions, cultural organizations, professional or non-professional mainstream writers and writers of literary and artistic groups who are official and enjoy the treatment of national cadres or national civil servants, there are also non-mainstream writers who work in all walks of life and belong to the folk nature of occupation or non-occupation. Of course, both mainstream writers and non-mainstream writers, professional writers and non-professional writers, as a novelist, have different literary pursuits and creation territories, they all have different creative styles. In that way, various novel forms and genres are formed, thus forming the diversity and inclusiveness of novels. Every writer has different creative pursuits and experiences due to their different experiences. Some novelists like pure literature and pursue the creation of pure literature novels. Some novelists love popular literature and pursue novel creation of popular literature. Some novelists regard novel creation as a profession. They are not only professional intellectuals, cultural workers, literary workers, litterateurs, professional writers, professional novelists, but also thinkers or thinkers. Among them, there are not only mainstream professional writers of official nature, but also non-mainstream professional writers of folk nature (that is, freelance writers, freelance writers or freelancers). Of course, mainstream professional writers who belong to the official nature usually hold the leading position of literature and art or social position. They not only have the right, status, identity and fame, but also publish books, publishing works can get high remuneration and royalty income, and become rich writers in the literary world. Moreover, the salary allocated by the state finance can enjoy the treatment of national cadres or national civil servants. They often have professional titles, positions and administrative levels. Non-mainstream professional writers are usually freelancers. They can be called freelance writers or freelance writers. They take literary creation as their profession, and also pay as the source of survival and life. Among them, those with great influence and high reputation, He entered the ranks of cultural celebrities, literary masters and rich writers. Those with small influence and low popularity can also live well on the contribution fee and royalty. There are also many novelists who regard novel creation as a form of expression of hobbies or self-leisure. They are neither for personal fame, status and identity, nor for contribution fees and royalty income.

The above is about novelists and novel creation.

Besides novelists and novel creations, among current writers, essayists or prose writers are also a large group. There are also many prose works. Prose has two meanings: narrow sense and broad sense. In a narrow sense, essayists or prose writers refer to literary essayists or literary prose writers, or are called pure literary essayists or prose writers. In a broad sense, apart from literary essayists or literary prose writers (or pure literary essayists or pure literary prose writers), prose writers (or essay writers), essay essayists (or essay writers), essayist (or essay writer), applied essayist (or applied prose writer), literary critic, literary critic, literary theorist, etc.

Comparatively speaking, there are few professional essayists or prose writers.

Poets are a very large group of Chinese writers. There are many poets among Chinese writers. Nowadays poets can be divided into modern and contemporary vernacular poets and traditional poets. Modern and contemporary vernacular poets are mainly engaged in modern and contemporary vernacular poetry creation, while traditional poets are mainly engaged in traditional rhythm poetry creation. Speaking of modern and contemporary poets, first of all, talk about the concepts of modern and contemporary words. Generally speaking, modern is the present era or era. The contemporary era is the era or era that is experiencing now. Strictly speaking, modern and contemporary belong to the same concept. However, many Chinese vocabularies are both universal and unique. In the history of Chinese literature, modern literature is a special word. Modern literature has specific concepts generally speaking, the May 4th New Culture Movement of Gongyuan on May 4th, 1999 was called the birth of modern Chinese literature in the history of Chinese literature. The Chinese literature from Gongyuan May 4th New Culture Movement in 1999 to Gongyuan before the founding of New China in 1994 was called Chinese modern literature, and the literature after the founding of New China in 1994 was called Chinese contemporary literature. The writers who became famous from Gongyuan May 4th New Culture Movement in 1999 to Gongyuan before the founding of New China in 1999 were called modern Chinese writers, and the famous writers after the founding of New China in 1994 were called contemporary Chinese writers. In fact, modern and contemporary both refer to the present era or era. The two words are the same concept. However, in the Chinese literary world, the literature after the founding of New China is collectively referred to as Chinese contemporary literature, and the famous writers after the founding of New China are collectively referred to as Chinese contemporary writers. There are many poets among Chinese writers. Nowadays, there are also many poetry works. However, neither the status and identity of poets nor the poetry works themselves are as influential and appealing as novelists and novels.

Of course, what kind of literary form a writer likes and what kind of creation is dedicated to lies in his personal hobbies and interests. Both novels, proses or poems have their own advantages.

However, it is an indisputable fact that novelists have the highest status and the greatest influence.

The influence and appeal of a full-length novel are enormous. The influence and appeal of those literary masterpieces at all times and in all countries surpass the estrangement between region, nation and space-time, and become the spiritual power that touches human beings all over the world.

Therefore, many writers are fond of novel creation. In particular, many writers prefer the creation of long novels, leaving many immortal classics and becoming treasures in Chinese and world literary circles. For example, the literary masterpiece “A Dream of Red Mansions” written by Cao Xueqin, a writer in the Qing Dynasty, warned young men and women not to stand firmly in love through the Baodai-style love stories of Jia Baoyu, Lin Daiyu and Xue Baochai, in order to avoid the occurrence of love tragedy. It can be said that Cao Xueqin’s A Dream of Red Mansions is a mirror guiding the love of young men and women. So as to provide education and enlightenment for young men and women, and thus have reference significance for the love of young men and women. Another example is the famous novella “The True Story of Ah Q” written by Lu Xun, a famous modern Chinese writer, through an unawakened peasant image called Ah Q during the 1911 Revolution, it reflects the speculativeness of anti-revolutionists during the 1911 Revolution, the blindness of revolutionists separating from the masses and the compromise of treating revolutionists, thus pointing out the reasons for the failure of the 1911 Revolution. It gives people education and enlightenment. Another example is the famous full-length novel “Song of Youth” written by Yang Mo, a modern and contemporary Chinese writer, was created in the late 1950 s. After the publication of “Song of Youth” in China Youth Publishing House, it has influenced several generations of Chinese youth, it has become one of the most influential novels after the founding of New China. Song of Youth has become the spiritual power of several generations of young people to strive for strength through Lin Daojing’s story of growing from bourgeois intellectuals to revolutionists. That is the ideological connotation of literature.

As a writer, everyone wants to create masterpieces that can shock people’s hearts. No matter bureaucrat writers, famous writers in high positions, civilian writers or unknown writers in low status, they all want to make contributions to literature and stand out. However, literary creation is not only a very hard mental work, but also a pedal-type laboriously thankless and long lonely work. Those who have been famous, powerful, rich and powerful are the national treasure-level talents protected by the state. They are not only in favorable conditions, but also admired by hundreds of millions of people. If you don’t become famous, only stick to it silently can you have the hope of success. What is more critical is that we should not only have the courage and perseverance to persist and move forward, but also have the unique spiritual perception, Acute penetrating power, insight into the observation power, and the ability to discover and innovate. In short, only with potential can we have the strength to succeed.

Late at night. Is that all? I don’t know what do you think?

Old incense is late at night. Wait.

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