Seven of

Once: empty

I don’t know if this is a sleepless night. The moonlight in the room was filled with the gentle music at midnight. Night more and more deep. The music seemed to be inserted in the mouthpiece of midnight, without the meaning of going out. At night, it seemed to be ethereal. Think of 06 years of empty, at a hospital in in. I filled the ward of the hospital with empty space. In the air, it was one dream after another. Some early sleep, before another I arrived at the other side of my soul. On the other side of the strange world, I am unfamiliar with myself and my background. Who am I? It seems that it has been a very long century. I can’t remember who I am because of the long road and the long distance. I heard the voice of God: Who Are You? Is it important? It doesn’t matter anymore. Come with me! I finally didn’t follow God. I just left a long scar on my body, and I walked back again. Empty, the farthest time, is closest to me; Empty, close at hand, but I can’t touch it.

Second: time

The flowers in my hands have withered. Find a piece of clean soil to place them. Therefore, I held dry flowers in my hands to look for a piece of clean soil. It is time to pour time into the quiet and humid soil. On the way, there is some sunshine that makes people feel attached. The village I saw was harvesting. The village waved to me. I think I should go back, I should go back to the village of my heart. On the way, no one extradited, and the road seemed a little long. Looking back, I have been wandering somewhere in my soul. I am afraid that I can’t turn back from now on. There were so many intersections that I missed. Every time, I wanted to stop to see the scenery before walking, but there was a voice urging my steps. In this way, in ignorance, dozens of spring and autumn have passed. The days behind you are boundless. Time is grinding in every second. If the luxurious time can be reset to zero; If the journey of life can be resumed; If the wedding clothes can be put on again to be married, will it still wander in the lost time. I want to get out of the crowded days. I want to call yesterday, but the number I pulled out has left the contact service area. I am truly felt that the past days were far away. The clean soil gives off fragrance. With the smoke from kitchen, I smell the rustic flavor of the countryside. In this clean atmosphere, tie the knot and bury the time. After being buried, I knew I should get up and welcome another period of time, waiting for a heart to reveal freely or burn to my heart. It is the life of sunset. It must be the life of sunset.

Three degrees: Flowers

It was one morning of the old year, and I heard the sound of flowers blooming. The sound of blooming flowers came from the deep soil, calling me so gently. I walked around the flowers, watching the youth of the flowers. I am above the soil, and the root of the flower is under the soil. I imagine that the space of the root of the flower may be the size of a needle eye. This is also life. My excited face and painful tears, are the flowers watered by this small space happy? The flowers are small and white, like stars. The faint fragrance flows in the quiet air. I heard the sound of their life blooming. She said, life is colorful. She has prepared for a long time for this time in her life. In your life, when did you do it for yourself and when did you forget to pursue? No matter the final ending is withering, you still persist in blooming the beauty in your life to the world. Find clear water, pour it gently on the flowers, and see the flowers open and smile. I said to the flower, maybe I will be attached to you endlessly in my memory.

Four degrees: Regression

Shangshan is as good as water, but it flows far with still water, gathering into streams, gathering into rivers, stopping into berths and becoming seas. You don’t need to understand whether water comes from the sky or flows under the earth. The water of time flows naturally, and the river of life is natural and eternal. Where do I come from? In the world of Coloured glaze light, where on earth did I come from. It seems that I am always looking for it. It seems that I have crossed some rivers, but I still can’t cross some rivers vaguely. I walked a little tired. God kept whispering in his ear, saying: I gave you life, I am your savior, and I am the greatest person in the world. I laughed, God has some inaccurate tone, but it is just like this, which will disturb the mood of others. When I was still very young, I often looked at the sunset on the other side of the mountain and thought that when I grew up, I would go to the other side of the mountain like the sunset. I thought there must be a beautiful story over the mountain. The story my mother told me was already old. I was tired of listening to it. I wanted to find it by myself. I stubbornly believed that there would be a gust of wind taking my beautiful dream across the mountain. Many years later, when I sighed heavily in the past when the wind blew down, I no longer thought about where I came from. The wind that went away was already unable to bear it. Clouds scattered and clouds gathered. From the beginning of the day to the sunset, what was lost was not only the years, but also the fluttering and flickering self. I thought it was time for me to save myself. From white paper to black words, I began to have some thoughts left. I pulled out the empty road signs, lived in the modern times, lived in the present, and didn’t care where I came from.

Five degrees: Wait

When I picked up some fragmentary fragments of time, I couldn’t record them into CDs of memory any more. Who can describe your posture? I ask. The Earth wrote sonorous love poems, touching me. Therefore, I began to wander in your space. At first, you told me that you were a person who didn’t know where your home was. I feel painful when listening. From then on, I couldn’t help myself in a falling atmosphere. In addition to life and love, what else is worth paying, retaining and cherishing in this world. This is the same, full of missing, lonely on thin paper, page after page, pain and happiness. Although I have been telling myself not to step into the River of Love or touch the sadness between my eyebrows, I still fell down, in your frown. I want to write a lifetime of words for you, but the story has just begun, and you have turned these words into memories. I am reading those words written for you in my own space, and I finally understand your vicissitudes. I am put you down, but I couldn’t put myself down.

Six Degrees: Deciduous

Seeing a leaf falling slowly from the tree, flying in the wind, with the green of spring and the dream of summer, and all the past events of its short life. Only one spring and summer, life comes to an end, this is the fate of leaves. When you want the leaves to fall, you can feel life. When you see some leaves scattered on the ground, life is still green. Who cares about the beauty of autumn brought by fallen leaves. Autumn has a poetic beauty because of fallen leaves. When we walk in the autumn, we see the fallen leaves on the ground, sigh that life is so short, the poetic sadness rises in our hearts, and the treasure of life gushes out in our hearts. To remember a piece of fallen leaves, even if falling down, it waved its beauty. There are no tears in the fallen leaves. I heard the sound of years from the falling of the fallen leaves. The falling posture is no longer childish. Combing the pleated life, along the path of life, carefully cultivating and weaving in the vast sea and fields, maybe we can’t collect abundant materials, but the process must be endless, making life the same as fallen leaves, although it is short-lived, there can be no complaints or regrets in the world. Fallen leaves have accomplished their mission in the change of seasons. No matter how short their lives are, they are reluctant to waste their only life in time.

Seven degrees: Myself

Once empty, two degrees of time, three degrees of flowers, four degrees of return, five degrees of waiting, Six Degrees of fallen leaves, seven degrees of myself. When we have gone through many ups and downs and experienced many salty ups and downs, can we put down all the unsatisfactory things in our hearts and the floating dryness and desires in the world. Or one day in June, walking alone in the temple. On the stone pillars around the temple stairs, there were many famous cautionary sentences engraved. Looking at the people who hurried in and out of the temple, few of them paid attention to the words carved on the stone pillars. A monk came up and seemed to say something. I was afraid of seeing the piety on the monk’s face, which seemed to have an unreal feeling, so I quickly fled away from the temple. Leaving the temple, I seemed to be at a loss. At the gate of the cemetery near the right side of the temple, I hesitated for a long time, but I still went in. I don’t want to see anyone or anyone I want to see. I was walking on the strange road leading to the cemetery with gentle music. I didn’t know whether I was crossing for the dead. I put my steps very hard and wanted to expel the increasingly heavy loneliness or panic with my footsteps. Besides music, it was so quiet that it was suffocating. I moved here with my own breath, and strange tombs looked like strange faces one by one. Walking, listening, feeling the music like a sad sigh, I fled away again. I don’t know whether people will feel numb when they reach a certain age. The feelings of pain, injustice and cruelty become relatively indifferent. Because of this, our imagination of life needs some fresh blood to help us restore fresh vision and emotional attraction. I can’t sum up some of my own walking. But I am sure that some can help me return to a healthy and happy life and teach me to keep simple and sincere in real life. On my bedside table, there are always some books scattered. Thinking of it, I am never read a book seriously, feeling a little ashamed. The dream of childhood can be extended to one thousand eight hundred miles away. When I grow up, my dream is becoming shorter and shorter, and the reality is becoming more and more distant from my dream. It’s time to clean up some frustrated mood, and find out if there is more proud time, then I find that more time has been lost, and I don’t feel that I have some deep ten days in my heart, whether I can settle my body, mind and soul in a short time, I think.

When I finished writing these words, a cold crescent moon shone on my windowsill, gently bringing me a quiet night. Zen.

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